"Can you predict earthquakes? No. Neither the USGS nor any other scientists have ever predicted a major earthquake. They do not know how, and they do not expect to know how any time in the foreseeable future." - USGS on Earthquake prediction

"Scientists cannot yet make precise predictions of [an earthquake's] date, time, and place" - Southern California Earthquake Center on Future Earthquakes

"As the preceding examples show, the record of earthquake prediction has been disappointing. Even where earthquakes have unambiguously occurred within the parameters of a prediction, statistical analysis has generally shown these to be no better than lucky guesses." - Wikipedia on Earthquake prediction

"As always with such claims, the bottom line is earthquakes can't yet be predicted with anything close to this level of certainty." - Snopes on Earthquake Hoax

"Luke Thomas is a dangerous character to society when predicting quakes." - Examiner.com on Earthquake prediction from Luke Thomas is a scam, weather vs. quakes

"...if you throw 1,000 darts at a dart board eventually you're going to hit the bull's-eye." - KABC on Scientists say earthquake predictor is hoax

"Thomas earns his living from the advertising revenue generated by a number of the websites he owns." - Berkeley Patch on Berkeley Earthquake Prediction No Basis in Scientific Fact, Says USGS

"...those freaking out likely have no idea that the source of the ground-shaking news has been labeled a 'Quake Quack.'" - OC Weekly on Is 'Quake Quack' Behind Bold Prediction of a Significant SoCal Shaker This Week?

"He's disseminating the Twittervese with absolutely useless and fear-mongering bullshit." - World According To Jon on Earthquake Prediction Is A Scam!

"No one can accurately forecast when and where quakes will occur, or precisely how large they will be. There’s no known precursor, or early warning sign, that consistently and reliably indicates that a quake is about to hit."- Orange County Register on O.C. earthquake prediction proves groundless

"[Luke] allows for too much leeway in proving "accuracy" to ever know how off he is. He can probably call himself 90% accurate every week even if there's only a tiny tremor 200 miles from where he said it could be."- sfist on Quake Quack Predicts 6.0 Temblor in L.A.

"Perhaps the only documentable information to be found on the Quake Prediction site is the disclaimer, 'I am not associated with the USGS earthquake prediction site.' That's because no such site exists. ."- SF Weekly on Frantic Tweets About 7.0 Earthquake -- Tomorrow

"Despite advancements in the field seismology, we still cannot predict earthquakes, guys." - laist on Fake Quake Warning Rattles Twitter Users

"Thomas runs a scam website called Quake Prediction, where he posts earthquake predictions 'based on thermal temperature changes caused by kinetic frictional heating of the tectonic plates.' (i.e. randomly guessing.) The janky website looks like some lady built it on GeoCities in 1996 to display pictures of her cat, but people still believe the bullshit posted there." - Gawker on Fake California 'Earthquake Warning' Currently Scaring Idiots on Twitter

Check out: The Luke (Thomas) Holmquist Quake Prediction Accuracy Chart at just 1.43%, or 9 somewhat accurately guessed quakes out of a total of 629 between May 16, 2012 and June 11, 2015.

While nobody can accurately and consistently predict the time, place and magnitude of an earthquake, please make sure you're prepared for when the next significant quake hits.

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